What people say about Payless Penalty


Lawyer’s real estate clerk:  “it worked very slick!  They put the $$ into our trust account, we only had to sign 1 document indicating that we would pay the $$ back.  On closing we deposited the $$ back into their account.  Everything was done via email.”

My clients are happy they saved $1400 in penalty costs

I’m thrilled that they did!!  And happy the process was so smooth.

I have other clients in the process of selling their home (and unable to port their existing mortgage).  You can bet that I’ll be referring them to Payless Penalty!

Thanks again!


rita-wagnerRita Wagner – Mortgage Associate
Dominion Lending Centres New Castle Financial




As a Mortgage Broker we are always looking for ways to set ourselves apart from the competition.  At one of our meetings, we were introduced to Payless Penalty.com.  At first I thought it was something too good to be true and truthfully didn’t pay much attention.  Then a couple of days later I met with some clients who were faced with a bank penalty of nearly $20,000.  They were stuck and had to get out of that particular mortgage.  At that point I called Payless Penalty and asked them if this was the type of situation whereby they could help the clients.  Turns out it was the perfect situation.
At the end of the day, my clients felt like they had been treated like gold and told me I worked with a great team.  They saved over $2000 which helped towards their legal fees.   I looked like a hero and better yet, we have raving fans out telling all their friends about the great service.     I have promoted this to my Realtors and now bring it up as an advantage I have over my competition.


kelly-wolfeKelly Wolfe – Mortgage Agent
Verico LendingMax